Friday, May 15, 2015

FRIP Purchase

I added more shares to my position of Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD).

2 Share @ $45.97 on 5-15-2015

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $3.28 to a total of $2,197.46

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.

What are you buying?


  1. Nice stock. I use FRIP in one of my accounts too where I started kinda a test for myself: I deposited a small amount of money, bought a few shares of dividend stocks I like (PSEC, LGCY, and AGNC) and FRIP them and let it do for as long as I can without adding any new money to it. Let's see how the account grows on its own.

  2. Still liking the Canadian banks. I added to my BNS recently. If prices drop from current levels I'll also consider more TD and RY. Thanks for sharing.