About Me

I am 29 30 year old male. I work in the IT industry. I been working since I was 17 year old. I would spend a lot of money on cars and on clothes. I was never saving money while from 17-27. I was just building debt with car payment and school loans. When I graduated from college with a degree in Computer Engineering, I started my "Career".

I started saving money and taking care of all my debt. I took care of my student loans as well as my car in 10 months which was a total of about $19k. I am debt free which feels great.Once I took care of all my debt, I was interesting in finding a way to get passive income. My parents own two property. One is a house and the other is a condominium. I thought I would get a property for myself to rent out and start getting passive income from it like my parents. Since the market crash in 2008-2009, the house market was very cheap. However, I started looking for a house when things started to pick up in early 2013. By this time the houses were getting to be more and more expensive for me to own. So I gave up on looking for a house to rent.

I still wanted to get a way to get passive income some how. I was doing a lot of research and I finally learn about dividends. When I found out about dividends and the benefits, I realize that this was the way for me to build passive income to cover all my expenses.

I found and follow other people that blog there journey with building passive income with dividends. This help me to decide to create a blog of my own and to track all my successes and failures.


  1. Hey FFD,
    I found you from DMs blogroll. Congratulations on the progress you're making. You might want to add a "contact me" tab or email address to make it easier to communicate with the community. Just a thought. We're all helping each other reach our goals.

    1. Bryan,

      Thanks a lot. That's a great idea. I'll add that.

  2. Hi FFD, nice i found your new blogg, i startet to be a DGI also in 2013. im 23y. old dude from switzerland, and i keep on readying about Graham and Buffet also C.Carneval so maybe whe are quit similar:). Fastgraphs is a awsome tool. Nice you found that too for your research.
    so i wish you for the futur all the best and a successful 2014, best regards, Nova

  3. Great to see another blog on the same path! Best of luck man!

  4. We have similar stories, except I think I am 10-years old :-(

    I work in IT and started blogging after reading great financial blogs. Keep up the good work sir.