Dividend Income

This page will show you my history of all the dividends that I received for the month as well the total for that year.

Note: There is rounding error with the dividends per shares.

2014 Dividend Income:

January - $90.57
February - $86.85
March - $130.58
April - $122.03
May - $89.32
June - $160.82
July - $ 134.39
August - $109.78
September - $176.21
October - $148.92
November - $119.91
December - $245.23

Total for 2014: $1,614.61

2013 Dividend Income:


  1. keep on trucking, following your investments

  2. Hey,
    Nice job on the blog! I kinda copied it as I like some of the tracking spreadsheets you have.
    Be a little careful with your REITs: ARCP and O when having them in taxable accounts. Those get added to your regular income and get taxed much higher (assuming your income tax bracket is higher than 15%) - they are non-qualified dividends. I'm waiting a few more months for my REITs to be longer than a year so I can sell them for long-term capital gains and then rebuy them in my ROTH IRA - might want to consider doing the same if you don't already hold them in a Roth. Unfortunately you can't transfer the actual shares into a Roth, only option is to sell them and rebuy.
    Good luck with your journey!

    1. Thanks for the comment and advice. I do plan to have them both on my ira but for now they will stay in my tax account. I added you to my blogs i follow.

  3. Good growth in your dividends. With this growth and regular investments, I am sure you will hit your $2000 goal for the year. I set a goal of $1200 for the year, but invested very aggressively in the past few months which means I will hit the goal pretty early. Looking forward to following your journey towards financial freedom.

    1. Thanks DGJ,

      After looking at last month income. It looks like I wont reach my goal of 2k. I am hoping to get really close to it.

  4. Nice progression. Keep up the good work.

    Robert the DividendDreamer

  5. Way to go...looks like Dec 2014 is shaping up to be a record month. Congrats! AFFJ