Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stocks to Buy

Right now I am looking at one stock that I would like to buy:  PM

I had a few other stocks that I am currently watching which are: O, DE, TD, RCI, and CAT. However, I think PM would be the better buy.

PM lost 2.37% today and it may even go lower. I decided that if it gets under $85 I will make a buy. Hopefully it won't happen this week since I won't have capital until next week Monday.

As you can see in this chart between $84-$85 there is a strong support level dating back to May 2012.

Last time I brought PM was Here. I brought shares at $84.75. Hopefully I can add more shares at that price or a little bit lower to average down.

F.A.S.T. Graph has fair value at $81.59.

Here is a recent article about PM and why it is a buy either now or very soon. Here

Morningstar has a fair value at: $95.00

What do you think about PM?


  1. I think all stocks you mentioned are great. I like O and now it is being beaten down making it a great dividend payer. I think the yield today is almost 6%.

    However, PM is a great stock so you will not miss with this shot.

    1. I really would have like to get DE but it had a pop today. I want to get it with a starting yield at 2.50%.

      TD I would like to get it on a dip.

      O is a buy right now, but I didn't want to add more shares.

      CAT is almost at its 52 week low.

      RCI is so undervalue right now.

      I just felt that I would like to add more shares of PM but can't go wrong with the others I mentioned.

      Thanks for reading Martin. :)

  2. Hey FFD,
    That looks like a good watch list. I believe a pullback in the S&P is in our near future, but I've thought that before. PM's support in the $84-85 range looks outstanding. I also have DE on my list, but don't worry.....we'll get our chance to buy it. There are several on my watch list, like GIS and ORCL, which I have designated buy points about 10% below the current price. Until there's a pullback my cash will build.

    1. Bryan,

      Thanks for the comment. As right now PM has drop another 3.30%

  3. FF,

    Gotta love companies with addictive products, PM, KO, SBUX, LO. I currently don't own any tobaccos, but thinking about it. I am dripping into CAT slowly here, hopefully it will recover in a couple years. Also like DE.


    1. You should look at entering in PM. It drop another 3.30%

  4. I think the best days for tobacco companies are behind them, declining product usage all round the world, and the more governments shoulder the burdens of healthcare then stronger the incentives will be to discourage usage. They do have a sweet dividend, but with little top line growth cost cutting can only go so far.

    1. The Biz of Life,

      I really think PM is going to make a lot of money worldwide once they start producing e-cig. I see e-cig everywhere I go.