Monday, December 23, 2013

Trade - Buy

I added a new position.  Target Corporation TGT

20 shares @ $62.00 on 12-23-2013

This will increase my forward 12-month dividend  by $34.40 to a total of $1,036.52

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the changes.

Based on the 15 year normal P/E of 19.1 TGT is undervalue with a current P/E of 16.5 (Google Finance).

Here is a 4 year chart which shows that it is slightly fair to overvalue.

Here is a chart of the Estimated Earnings that shows that the amount I invested today should return almost 100% in 10 years.

Here you can see that the current yield (Orange Line) is at a 5 year high. This shows that at current prices TGT is undervalued.

In this graph I point out that in the $60 range TGT has had either a support or resistant. If it breaks the $60 support, then I think TGT will go down to the lower $50-53 range. If it does that, I plan to buy more shares to average down. (3 stars out of 5) with a fair price of $64.00
Yahoo Finance fair value of $68.05
Marketwatch Target Price of $67.64

What do you think of TGT? Plan on buying or do you already have it in your portfolio?


  1. I am not too familiar with TGT but it seems like every DGI'er and their mother are buying this stock at current prices. Seems like a good thing to do ;)

    I added you to my blogroll by the way, keeps me updated! Best of luck in 2014.

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