Monday, March 17, 2014

Trade - Buy

I added more shares to The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

34 shares @ 38.10 on 3-14-2014

This will increase my forward 12-months dividend by $42.16 to a total of $1363.20

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the change.

Here you can see that KO is overvalue base on earnings, but KO always sell at a premium. Base on the blue normal PE line, the current price is undervalue.

Here is a 5 year graph.This shows that the time to buy would be when the price gets under the blue normal PE line.

Here we have a comparison of price and dividend yield over the past 5 years. We see here that the current yield of 3.20% is at its highest since mid 2010. This tells me that KO is undervalue at this current price base on history yield.

Here we have the dividend history of KO. This is what we dividend investors like to see. Every year there is a increase of dividends.

Morningstar (****) Fair: $44.00
S&P Capital IQ (***) Fair: $ 33.50

Do you like KO at its current prices? Have shares of KO yourself?


  1. Nice pickup! A truly core holding as their global diversification is tremendous as is the quality of their management team.

  2. KO looks like a good value here. I bought it on the same day. :)

    1. Great buy. :) I plan to add more if it stays here or go lower.

  3. Good pick up. KO is good value as long as it yields over 3%.

    1. i agree with you. anytime KO is at 3% its a good time to buy.

  4. I recently bought KO myself. It's one to hold on to forever.