Friday, November 21, 2014

Trade - Buy

I added more shares to my position to International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)

7 shares @ $161.27 on 11-07-2014

This will increase my forward 12-months dividend by $7.70 to a total of $2,069.56

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the change.

Sorry for taking so long on posting this new buy.

Here we see that based on fast graphs that IBM is very under value.

5 year estimated return.

We see that IBM PE is lower then its own 5 year average. Also its forward PE is lower then its current PE.

Here we see that the dividend yield is at its highest point in the past 5 year.

Again sorry for the delayed post.Thanks for reading.

Morningstar (****) Fair: $196.00
S&P Capital (***) Fair: $209.10

Like IBM at this level? Did you buy some? What did you buy?


  1. FF,

    Nice move here. IBM seems like one of those obvious plays right now from a value standpoint.

    Best regards!

  2. Am torn about IBM. Look at how far AAPL fell before it rebounded. When I look at IBM I think its a good value now, but will be a better value some day. I feel the same about DE. More and more I have been putting money in smaller cap companies where I think their growth is good and their valuation sometimes lower than there slower growing big cap brothers. Good luck in IBM, I hope we can both make an investment at a lower price.

  3. Nice buy, FF! I agree with Jason -- IBM has great value now and adding shares make a lot of sense! Take care!

  4. I own a bit of IBM. Good value right now with a great history

  5. Congrats on your purchase, FF!
    I'm hoping to add IBM to my portfolio too soon.

    Cheers, NMW

    1. Thanks No More. In the long run both you and I will be happy with IBM.