Tuesday, October 15, 2013

401k Portfolio Update

At the end of every quarter of every year I will post an update of my 401K portfolio. The performance and my holdings can be found Here.

I am contributing 5% of my gross pay and my company is matching 2.5%. The 5% is the minimal I can put to get the full match from my company. I will not increase my contribution percentage. I am saveing the rest of my money on my Roth IRA, which I will post about soon, and my Scottrade account which I talk about Here..

My holding as of now are:

Funds:                                                                             Allocation %:
T.Rowe Price Equity Income Fund (PRFDX)                       10%
MainStay MAP Fund Class 1 (MUBFX)                              15%
T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund (PRGFX)                       10%
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Fund (FLMVX)                            10%
Aston/Fairpointe Mid Cap Fund Class 1 (ABMIX)                15%
Munder Mid Cap Core Growth Y (MGOYX)                         15%
Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth Fund Class Y (JSMGX)         10%
T. Rowe Price Health Science Fund (PRHSX)                     15%

Here is a chart of how my 401K portfolio has been doing so far which can also be found Here.

Do you participate with your company 401k? If so, how much of a percentage do you save and do they match?


  1. I do participate in my employer's 403b plan some traditional and some ROTH, but do not receive any match. I wish I got some type of match, but have not gotten anything yet. My percentages I put in have varied a lot over the last couple years. I prefer individual stocks, with dividends and less fees, but I have managed to diversify the accounts and not allowed to invest in my own stocks. I have mainly Fidelity and Vanguard funds with a high fee small cap one, They have done pretty good for me so far.

    I am saving some in cash reserve because in the future may use the brokeragelink they offer that gives many more choices of funds for a higher commission. You must have $2500 to put into that account to start it though and don't really want to sell too much right now. I'll have to check out some of your holdings on Morningstar.

    1. That's to bad that your company does not offer a 401k match program.

      My holdings are up 20.3% year to date. I am very happy with how they are performing so far. Yea to buy a fund you need to put in a lot right off the bat.

      Thanks Swan for commenting and reading.

  2. I prefer to invest as much as I can into dividend growth stocks in my taxable brokerage account, that way the dividend stream is available to me at any age. I'm 29 now so I like that flexibility, even though I know I'll be paying more money in taxes because of it. My employer, however, gives a 5% match on my 401K contributions, so I contribute 5% of my pre tax income to that, even though I know I won't be able to access it until I'm almost 60. It's a guaranteed 100% return on investment, not going to get that kind of return anywhere else. 60-year-old me will be grateful someday when I can finally access that money, I suppose.

    1. I do the same thing. I invest most of my money on my taxable account as well.

      WOW 5% match on only 5% contributions is awesome!! Yea, the 80 year old you will thank the you now.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. FFD, I like your website and your review. I will also check your holdings and your other account (Scottrade - I assume it's taxable or is it the ROTH one?).

    I also participate in 401k and contribute 3% and get another 3% match. But I also have a taxable account and ROTH IRA account because I believe (and hope) that I will be able to reach retirement prior to 59-1/2 so my taxable account should cover the gap.

    Good luck with your investing journey!

    1. Martin,

      Thanks for the compliment. :)

      The Scottrade account is a taxable account. I have a Roth IRA with Vanguard that I will post soon.

      Sounds a lot similar to my plans. Use my Taxable account to retire early and the other(401k and Roth IRA) for a big bonus when the time comes. :)

      thanks for visiting.

  4. We save a bit above 20% of our incomes. Mostly through 401k and an individual account at Vanguard. As good as that sounds, it doesn't put me anywhere close to the age I want to retire at. :(

    1. Dziuniek,

      20% is a really good rate. How long have you been saving at that rate and how old are you? What is your target age to retire?