Monday, October 7, 2013

Trade - Buy

I open a new position with Chevron Corporation (CVX)

10 shares @ $117.60

This will give me and increase of $40 to my annual dividend income. I now have a 12-month forward dividend of $874.72.

The RSI is 28.74 which means it is oversold at this time. This was one of the reasons why I decided to open a position with CVX today.

I also updated my Portfolio and Watchlist to reflect the changes.

Here are some great analysis of the company and some fair value.

Dividends4Life @ Seeking Alpha fair value of $145.87

Achilles Research @ Seeking Alpha fair value of $108.68

MarketWatch gives it a fair value of $133.06

MorningStar gives it a 3 star for a fair value of $125.00


  1. CVX -
    I think it is a solid pick up to forget about for 20 years.
    I bought 10 shares as well on the 7th for my regular IRA and also got 15 shares of XOM for my taxable account.

    nice portfolio - best regards!

    1. Great Stuff. You can't go wrong with either company. Thank you for stoping by and leaving a comment.

      good luck to you. :)

  2. Just found your site Interesting, I would consider reducing the IBM shares,, seems to be on the way down for now?

    1. Your Friend,

      Thanks for spending your time on my site.

      I won't be reducing my shares of IBM. As long as they grow there dividends and keep paying it out, I will still hold on to it.