Friday, February 21, 2014

Trade - Buy

I added more shares of Philip Morris International Inc. (PM)

15 shares @ 79.31 on 2-14-2014

This will increase my forward 12-months dividend by $56.40.

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the change

Morningstar (****) Fair: $90.00
S&P Capital IQ (***) Fair: $78.60


  1. Hi FFdividend,

    Nice purchase with PM! I just initiated a position yesterday and have yet to have a simple post about it.

    1. Thanks Fab, great buy on PM as well. high divided and good growth cant go wrong with it.

  2. Hi FF,

    with PM, you can make nothing wrong!
    If I had no idea, what I want to buy - PM is always a right purchase!

    Best regards

    1. Thanks Sammler,
      I agree, but make sure it is not overvalue. There is always a company that is undervalue at any given time.

  3. Nice buy. I love the consistent purchases you are making. Maybe I missed it but what brokerage account are you using? I see you have been using Fast Graphs, how do you like it?

    1. Thanks AAI,
      I use Scottrade as my brokerage account.

      I love Fast graphs. It is the first thing i look at when i look at a company. I will read stock analysis and the author will give his/her recommendation if it is undervalue or overvalue. I will confirm with fast graph and most often they are right. i like it because it gives me a big picture of the company really fast. this saves me time if I want to look at a company more.